Serenity Now at Villa Soffa In Haapsalu

Indulge in Villa Soffa’s Lavish Rooms with Historic Haapsalu Vistas

Deluxe Comforts and Services at Your Fingertips

Discover a suite of services designed for supreme comfort and convenience at Villa Soffa.

Villa Soffa Accommodations

Charming rooms each with a unique color scheme offering a cozy stay in Haapsalu’s heart.

Savor Exceptional Gastronomic Experiences

Embark on a gourmet adventure with Valge Daam’s Mediterranean and French-inspired menu.

Premier On-Site Features for Memorable Visits

Enjoy billiards, lounge areas, and personalized event catering services.

Explore Villa Soffa’s Unique Charm

Discover our services and the remarkable experiences offered at Villa Soffa. Delve into these select details that underscore our commitment to excellence and hospitality:


Eclectic Elegance in Haapsalu

Welcome to Villa Soffa, where personalized comfort meets historic charm in the heart of Haapsalu.


Exceptional Cuisine and Customer Care

Our devoted service ensures each guest enjoys a bespoke experience and leaves with cherished memories.


Delectable Dining at Valge Daam

Select the perfect setting for dining, whether you’re here for business or pleasure.


Diverse On-Site Facilities Offered

Elevate your visit with our amenities: café indulgence, billiards lounge, event catering.

Incredible hospitality, vibrant rooms, cozy café, top-notch cuisine. Eager for my next visit!

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Venue Proprietor

Escape to Haapsalu Bliss

Immerse yourself in the charm of Villa Soffa’s colorful comfort, savor Valge Daam’s delightful cuisine, and unwind in our multifaceted center on Posti str.1. Secure your exceptional experience today.