Charming Villa Soffa Stays in Haapsalu

Discover Villa Soffa, a fusion of comfort and elegance, nestled in Haapsalu’s historic center.

Charming Villa Soffa Rooms Overlooking Haapsalu’s Historic Main Road

Nestled in Haapsalu’s historic city center on Posti Street, Villa Soffa provides charming accommodations, each room uniquely themed with vibrant color schemes. Renowned for our warm hospitality and meticulous care, we ensure a memorable stay for those seeking the allure of Estonian charm.

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Explore the unique experiences and services at New Zone+ Application. Here are some highlights showcasing our dedication to a memorable stay and dining experience:


Diverse Themed Villa Soffa Rooms

Welcome to Villa Soffa at New Zone+. Discover rooms crafted with individual color themes and the essence of tranquility.


Exceptional Dining Experience

Our dedicated chefs at Valge Daam ensure a culinary journey with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients for every guest.


Distinctive Dining and Leisure Spaces

Select your ideal setting for relaxation or celebrations.


Exclusive On-Site Experiences Await

Elevate your visit with our on-site café, restaurant, and billiards lounge.

Incredible ambiance, vibrant tastes, delightful desserts, top-notch service. Eager for my next visit!

Hospitality Specialist

Culinary Director

Guest Impressions

Learn why our guests can’t stop talking about their exceptional stay at Villa Soffa. Explore their stories and understand why we’re the preferred all-in-one destination in Haapsalu.

The ambiance was welcoming and the selection of desserts at Valge Daam was divine. Definitely recommend.

Hans Põldma

Hospitality Manager

Wonderful visit, each room a unique hue, delicious dining, attentive staff. Eager for my next stay!

Liina Kask

Culinary Director

Charming experience with ideal location, vibrant rooms, and engaging staff.

Mihkel Tamm

Event Planner

Incomparable establishment! Colorful rooms, delectable food, stellar service. Looking forward to returning!

Kadri Välja

Lifestyle Curator

Escape to Haapsalu’s Charm

Nestled in Haapsalu’s historic center, New Zone+ offers Villa Soffa’s colourful rooms, Valge Daam’s culinary delights, and more for an unforgettable experience.